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Your Libra love match will find that you are not only beautiful, but quite a charmer as well. It helps that you have great listening skills, a quality that few have. Because of this you make people feel good, what a blessing that is!

You like beauty all around you, in the way you dress, your home decor and so on. The downside is that you may tend to judge others by how they look or dress if it doesn’t meet up to your standards of beauty.

You’re a relationship builder and can get people working together. You like things to be orderly and cooperative.

Beneath all of this you actually suffer from a lack of confidence, so there are times when you feel like you are an actor in a play, showing one side outwardly while carrying another side within. You need to trust your intuition and this will help you to overcome issues with making decisions.

Some famous Libra writers are E.E. Cummings, Oscar Wilde and Anne Rice.

When looking at the calculators below, your sign is in pink and your compatible signs are in blue. (Sometimes you’ll see these together under the same dates).


Virgo-Libra Cusp September 19 – 24

Your public image is important to you…details details details matter. At times you can be on an emotional roller coaster, up one moment and down the next. You need to keep an eye on this.

You are a people person. Being in love brings you satisfaction.

libra love match


Libra September 25 – October 2

Your self esteem is gauged by how others see you and treat you. Fortunately you have a charming personality.

Watch your pocket book as you like nice things and these cost money, often more than you have to spend. Do watch with your Libra love match that you find someone with a giving personality.

libra love match


Libra October 3 – 10

You almost appear to have a split personality which is a surprise to people as they get to know you. Although you are quiet and captivating, you also have a mind that is always at work. You are a bit of a social butterfly.

Although you are self-reliant, a loving partnership is important to you.

libra love match


Libra October 11 – 18

You’re smart and likeable, and you tend to work well exposed to people. Your inquisitive mind allows you to make good decisions.

You tend to keep your feelings hidden away and this can be difficult for the Libra love match, you need to open up more.

libra love match


Libra-Scorpio Cusp October 19 – 25

You are a people person but like to be the one in charge of things. That being said, you need to wear a watch as you are not often on time for things. You can become anxious, but are always trying to maintain calm.

You are appealing to others even when you don’t realize you are. That is part of the attraction.

libra love match


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